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Bug Bounty Jamaica

Hunt for bugs, security vulnerabilities and issues.

A private bug bounty program by G5 Cyber Security, Inc.

Researchers earn
Businesses grow

A strong collaborative relationship where security matters.

We are helping Jamaican businesses realise the value of Jamaican security researchers while helping the Jamaican security community to build a positive reputation of security knowledge and skills.

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Good Design
Good Design
Find the bugs, validate the vulns.

Designed for smart businesses

We’re shaking things up. A community of researchers are waiting.

Continuous analysis

Businesses receive on-going security testing by talented professionals; researchers hunt without restrictions on time zones or locations.

Unique Perspectives

Businesses get the value of the different perspectives each researcher brings, while researchers exercise their skills and creativity.

Public Protection

Businesses benefit from the security community looking out for their best interest online through our network of professionals.

Fair rewards

Businesses reward security researchers for their efforts, and researchers earn to support themselves and their families.

We're bringing the change.

Let’s collaborate | Businesses, Researchers, Enthusiasts welcomed.

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